You Got Your First Lead–Now What? The Two-Step Strategy For Following Up With Your New Leads

Okay, so you’ve generated your first lead online–congratulations!!!

Maybe you came online completely green to this whole marketing thing and your primary focus was to begin generating your first leads and start building your list.  After all, the money’s in the list, right?

Then you got a lead and were beside yourself with joy and excitement, followed by a little panic and intimidation as your thoughts turned to “Now what?” How do you follow up with that lead? What do you do and what do you say?

In this post we’re going to cover a Two-Step follow up strategy:  The Introduction and The Stories

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

The first thing you need to do is send an email and introduce yourself because if that lead was generated through a capture page and got into your sales funnel, they don’t know you…and a marketing truth is that people buy from those they know, like and trust. 

Although there is a small percentage of people who buy right away, with the vast majority of your leads, it’s going to be necessary to establish a relationship–and you do that through email.

So your very first email should basically be the equivalent of a handshake.  Copywriter extraordinaire, Vitaly Grinblat, refers to this as the “Handshake Technique”. Think of it as meeting someone in person for the first time; you introduce yourself and shake their hand. This is the time where you position yourself to begin establishing trust and creating rapport. If in your mind you put a face to that email address, you will remember that your new lead is a person just like you who happens to have a need, a pain or problem they are looking to solve.  And they’re hoping you have the answer…but at the same time they’re probably a little skeptical and don’t trust you yet.

This is why it’s important to take this time to just say “hi”, tell them who you are and why they are getting an email from you. Do not try to sell them anything with this first email. Just let them know there’s a real person on the other side of the email and that you are available for them…and maybe take this time to tell your story–why you’re a person who can relate to their struggle and help them.  

It seems strange to read “Don’t try to sell them with the first email” when they are the ones that opted in for something that you’re selling, right?  One of my mentors taught me that this is crucial because you’re setting the ‘trust’ foundation.  Again, they may be skeptical right now…maybe even a little standoffish. Remember, people love to buy but they hate to be sold. And if you move too fast with the sell, they may get turned off and not open your future emails…

And those future emails should contain this important strategy to help build that engagement, trust and rapport…


Story-telling is one of the absolute fastest ways to connect with and influence your prospects. With stories you can entertain, educate, and cultivate the relationship with your prospect until they are ready to buy.

If all your follow ups are blatant pitches and “buy this” or “buy that”, your prospects will get turned off and just stop reading your emails.  Of course you’re still going to sell or promote, but you want to make your emails interesting so they don’t feel like a sell.

And by the way, you want your subject line to have something in it that will be different from everything else in their inbox and jump out at them so they become intrigued enough to open your email.  A subject line can be shocking, curiousity-provoking…something different that’s going to relate to what the content of your email is.  

But make sure it’s congruent with your content. Don’t just have a catchy subject line only to have the email body be about something completely irrelevant.  

Back to the story…

I heard a great copywriter say that everything in our day-to-day lives can be turned into a story.  Let’s say, for example, you are at a traffic light and you see the person in the car next to you quickly taking bites out of a sandwich while the light is red.  You can tell that story and then connect it somehow to the product or service that you are promoting. If your product is a time-management tool, that sandwich story can be connected by saying how this tool can help them gain their time back to enjoy life’s simple pleasures again. Something to that effect.

Storytelling is powerful, and it’s one of the fastest ways to connect with and influence your new prospects.

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Sonny Lanorias - August 15, 2016 Reply

Great post Sandra! Thanks for sharing these 2 step strategy. This is very helpful especially for beginners. Cheers!


    Sandra Rodriguez - August 19, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for commenting, Sonny, I appreciate you!

Kay Somji - August 18, 2016 Reply

Great article Sandra, many people aspire to generate leads but then get stuck. I love what you’ve laid out here to help people get success.

    Sandra Rodriguez - August 19, 2016 Reply

    Yes, it certainly is a common sticking point and can be intimidating if you’re not sure how to proceed. Thanks Kay!

Patty Scheeler - August 19, 2016 Reply

Great article Sandra! This is a great read for the beginners in the industry. A lot of people don’t realize that building the relationship starts right away…. not selling 🙂

Annalize - August 24, 2016 Reply

Powerful and very useful advice, Sandra!

Blaine - August 28, 2016 Reply

Follow up is massive and a foundational part of your success. Great value here, you have gained another blog follower. Keep up the great work!

    Sandra Rodriguez - August 28, 2016 Reply

    Hey Blaine, thanks so much for reading and commenting…and I’m especially glad you found value here! I’ll be seeing you around these parts then. 🙂

Alice Brideau - January 14, 2017 Reply

This is a great article and found it very valuable. I remember going through all those feelings when I started working on line.

Thanks for posting

    Sandra Rodriguez - January 14, 2017 Reply

    Hi Alice, thank you so much for commenting and validating the content. I’m so glad you found it helpful! I hope you come back to visit often and I’ll look forward to the interactions. 🙂

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