What To Do When You Want Results Yesterday (Lessons From My Garden)



Back in early May I planted a small vegetable garden in my backyard. A couple of weeks ago I got excited to see some tiny little green tomatoes start to pop up.


So I went outside this morning to check on their progress…and they’re STILL green!


Ugh! I was ready to stop buying tomatoes from the grocery store weeks ago. This isn’t going the way I had planned. So what to do? Stop watering and give up? Walk away and say this will never work–it’s never going to happen?


That’s what many of us do in business and even in our personal lives and prayer life.

The fact is, those tomatoes will ripen and be ready when they are ready, not when I want them to be. So I just need to keep watering, feeding…and wait.


Same in business. Maybe you’ve gotten some leads, but they haven’t bought anything yet—and you are thinking it’s high time they did.  Well, it’s not going to happen on your timing. If you keep providing value and nurturing those relationships, they will come around…


Maybe not all of them; not every seed or seedling I planted made it even though I gave them all the same amount of plant food and water.


And for those who are believers in Christ and walking in the faith, maybe you’re praying about something or for someone and you just don’t see any change yet.


But the truth is we don’t know what’s happening beneath the soil or in the hearts of those we are praying for, and it’s not our job to make anything happen. We just plant the seeds and by faith we water with prayer and the word…and we wait for God’s timing.


The interesting thing about The Lord is that while we are busy tending to what we want to grow, The Heavenly Gardener is weeding and cultivating the garden of our own hearts so that we produce good fruits in our lives first.  He’s amazing like that!


Hope you found this encouraging.  Be sure to share this with others if you did, and say hello in the comments!

Sandra Rodriguez

Homeschooling MOMPRENEUR sharing business tips for stay home (and want-to-be stay home) moms & dads as well as newbie marketers. I Love Jesus, my family, life, laughing, coffee and the occasional glass of wine. Come learn and hang out with me!

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