What Is Zero Level Marketing?

Zero Level Marketing is a concept I recently learned from one of my mentors, Diane Hochman.

It’s a very simple concept…and yet very profound. It has very positively impacted my productivity in business since I’ve implemented it and I’m sure it will do the same for you!

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Most people, when they start out in their home business, get very excited at first, and that excitement creates a high level of activity. It’s the same after attending a conference or a meeting that creates the motivation for action, and it’s go go go!

But then there comes a time when the motivation wears out or discouragement sets in and they just want to watch tv and do nothing. If their business activity were converted to a chart, it would look like high peaks contrasted by lows that are actually flat-lines of inactivity.  It’s basically two extreme levels of activity: High Level and Zero Level. This inconsistency does not produce favorable results, which then fuels more discouragement and inactivity.

This trick that Diane has been teaching for years helps to bring up and level out the activity which then provides a consistency that snowballs and helps create great results for you.

It’s done by changing our Zero Level of activity through the daily habits that we practice in our business so that we simply feel we cannot end the day without doing them.

An Analogy: Hygiene

As a young child, your level of grooming and hygiene was zero. You could be sweaty and dirty from rolling around in a sandbox or the yard and have no problem going to bed without bathing or even brushing your teeth. But there was (hopefully) a loving adult who told you that you had to take a bath and taught you healthy grooming and hygiene habits. If you didn’t have that, you would have continued at a zero level of hygiene.

So now, as an adult, because you’ve developed a habit of certain hygiene habits and rituals, you probably feel very uncomfortable going to bed without at the very least washing your hands and face and brushing your teeth–this is your new zero level of hygiene instead of NO hygiene.

In much the same way, we now have to develop a new zero level of activity for our business. If we have NO business activity, we need to now come up with some new habits to raise that activity to a new acceptable zero level for the day–a new place that we’d feel uncomfortable going to bed without accomplishing in our business.

A few suggestions:

  • I will not go to bed until I’ve generated 3 (or however many) leads for my business.
  • I will not go to bed until I’ve met (notice I wrote “met” NOT “prospect”) 5-10 people on social media.
  • I will not go to bed until I’ve made one video.
  • I will not go to bed until I’ve written a blog post or at least started it.
  • I will not go to bed until I’ve written an email to my list.

I suggest picking two activities to start with, that you will force yourself to do on a consistent daily basis for at least 21 days–that’s how long it takes to create a new habit…or break a bad one! Do these activities consistently so that ultimately it will feel “uncomfortable” to end your day without doing them, and just like brushing your teeth, you’ll have developed a good habit and created a new zero level of marketing.

Now let me just say that you will still work towards accomplishing more and having more productive days than just the bare minimum, but the result is that your zero level is now elevated to where even your most unproductive days have SOME activity.

Sometimes you will have those high peak productive days and those are great.  But there will also be those days when you feel under the weather or emotionally down, or you’ve got a lot of other things going on (Life happens!) and you won’t be able to get much of anything done. The difference is now you don’t have complete inactivity; now you are more consistent…

And with a consistently higher level of activity you are going to have a consistently higher level of response, and therefore a consistently higher level of income from your efforts!

The next big secret is to just keep changing that zero level and bringing it up.

Change your Zero Level of Marketing and you are going to change your whole business!

~ Sandra

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