The Power of the Phone Call and Why You Should Not Fear Your Telephone

Today we’re going to talk about the power of the phone call when it comes to building your business.

I’m not talking about cold-calling here.  We are focusing on the leads that come from your capture pages with phone numbers attached to them.

I was chatting with one of my mentors not long ago, and she told me, “When a lead gives you their phone number, it means they want to hear from you.  They are searching for information and they are giving you permission to call them!”

When we build our businesses online, many of us want to focus our full attention on social media posts and emails and straight up internet interactions.  But guess what?

“Hiding behind the internet is not going to grow your business.” – Chef Katrina

So Why Are We Afraid Of The Phone?

The telephone seems to be something we all dread and avoid at first.  What is it we’re so afraid of?

We Don’t Know What to Say

Maybe we are afraid of sounding inept and stumbling over our words.  Writing emails is easier because we can take as long as we need and edit our words before they reach the recipient.

But the phone? Well…the phone is there just waiting to catch our every flub and stumble, and send it in real time to the critical ear of the recipient.

This will help:  Have a pre-planned statement to get you started.  “Hi I’m ______.  You entered your name, email and telephone number into one of my pages online. I’m reaching out to answer any questions you may have about XYZ.”  Remember to make your phone call about them and what they need.  You are simply making yourself available to them to answer their questions and give them the information they asked for.

Fear of Rejection

We are afraid of the word “no”.

That I know of, nobody has ever died or gotten brain damage from being told no, but for some reason we’re terrified of it.

This will help:  Remove “no” from the equation because you are not calling to sell them anything! Remember you are not selling or pitching them anything during this phone call.  You are simply reaching out to introduce yourself and make yourself available to them. You are going to answer their questions.

We all have fears and doubts and your leads have them too.  They are searching for solutions to their pains but they don’t know if you and what you are promoting is real or a scam.  They entered their information because they were intrigued, but there is likely some doubt and skepticism there…after all, you are just a picture and some print on the internet.

Let your prospect know you are real.  Engage them; be genuine, be interested.

Let them know that since they left you their email, they will be getting regular emails from you with more information.  Now they will be looking out for and looking forward to your emails rather than annoyed by them. If at that point, they say “no thank you”, then it’s no big deal.  The main purpose of your call was to show them you are a real person who is genuinely interested in helping them.

Get Over It

iphone-676767_1280The key to getting over being nervous and being fearful of the phone is to focus on your prospect and what they need, not on making a sale.

When you genuinely show that kind of interest, people will begin to trust you and believe that their needs are truly important to you.  They will begin to tell you things that will help you to help them.  And can you guess what happens then?  A relationship begins to form.  And people like to buy from people they know.

But even beyond that, I have talked on the phone with some of my prospects on more than one occasion and they really don’t feel like just “leads” anymore.  Maybe that prospect hasn’t bought anything from me, but a relationship has formed and he/she feels more like a friend.  A sale on top of that is just gravy.

Another benefit of these relationships is that they are now more open to forwarding your name along to people whom they know and feel might need what you have.  Nothing is better than a personal referral or recommendation.

And it all came about because you picked up the phone and said, “Can I answer any questions or help you? I’m here for you.”

That’s the power of the phone call.

All it takes is a simple shift in mindset from selfish to service. 

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