The Importance Of A Profile On Social Media

Today, I’m going to be talking about the importance of completing your profile and uploading your photo on social media, especially if your purpose is to build rapport and interact with others on a business level.

I am often amazed how many times, I get circled or followed by people particularly on Google Plus and Twitter, but then when I try to find out more about them, there’s nothing.  They post about their business or opportunity but there is nothing about them.

Before you start following, friending or circling people on social media, be sure to fill out your profile first.

Put yourself in the shoes of the people who are looking at your page and tell them a little bit about you so they can decide whether or not connecting with you is of interest to them.  Look at this way…

If someone were to come to your home, was standing outside your door and rang your doorbell wanting to come in…

but they won’t let you see their face, they don’t tell you who they are or what the purpose of their visit is…

Are you going to let them in???

Social Media Tip:  Before you start following, circling or friending, be sure to fill out your profile.

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Remember that social media is first and foremost…social.  It’s about interacting with people and building relationships. So just like you wouldn’t approach someone and start telling them about your business without even an introduction, it’s important to let people know who you are!

Even if it’s a business profile, it doesn’t need to be ALL business; a good way to be more relatable is to share a few personal facts about yourself–what are some of your interests and hobbies.  Sometimes you can connect with people on that basis first.  Let’s say your business is insurance, but you put in your profile the fact that you love golfing.  

That alone can create a connection that would not normally be there just by letting people know you are in the business of selling insurance.

I chat a little about this and a couple of additional tips in the video below…


So to sum up…

Upload a photo (in which you’re smiling), and tell folks a little about you. Then also let them know what they can expect to get from connecting with you. Do you like to share information on health and wellness? Are you a creative person that likes sharing how-to craft ideas and home decorating tips? People like to know what’s in it for them when they follow you, so be sure to communicate that.

Remember that your profile is the first impression you are going to make with people online–make it good and make it real because it’s the first step in attracting the right people to yourself. If you want to learn more about how exactly to do that, sign up for your Free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

Did this help you?  If so, I’d really appreciate it if you commented below and shared on social media. 

Talk to you soon!


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Sandra Rodriguez

Homeschooling MOMPRENEUR sharing business tips for stay home (and want-to-be stay home) moms & dads as well as newbie marketers. I Love Jesus, my family, life, laughing, coffee and the occasional glass of wine. Come learn and hang out with me!

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Lisa - September 17, 2016 Reply

I do like this. Showing who you are even in a small way will let people know who you are and what you are about.

    Sandra Rodriguez - September 19, 2016 Reply

    Exactly! Thanks Lisa 🙂

Jeff Beeman - September 19, 2016 Reply

Totally agree with this info and have told folks that I will not or do not network wth blank profiles… let me see who you are and what yo are all about. 😉

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