Online Marketing For Beginner Networkers

If you recently started a home business and turned to the internet to try and generate leads and grow your business, but you’re not sure how to go about it, I think you will find this post helpful. Very often, beginner network or online marketers make the common mistake of starting a social media account and […]

Three Surefire Ways To Sabotage Your Success

You’ve made a decision to start a new business or make a new change in your life. You start out with great excitement, motivation and a sense of determination.  But then you unwittingly implement one of these surefire ways to sabotage your own success.1.  Become a Professional StudentYears ago, I knew a woman who was one […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing

So you’ve decided to promote your existing business on the internet or start a new online business.  Just like any industry, the online marketing world has it’s own unfamiliar jargon, terms and buzzwords that may have you scratching your head wondering what they mean.  One of those terms that comes up often is “content marketing”. But […]

The Importance Of A Profile On Social Media

Today, I’m going to be talking about the importance of completing your profile and uploading your photo on social media, especially if your purpose is to build rapport and interact with others on a business level. I am often amazed how many times, I get circled or followed by people particularly on Google Plus and Twitter, […]

You Got Your First Lead–Now What? The Two-Step Strategy For Following Up With Your New Leads

Okay, so you’ve generated your first lead online–congratulations!!! Maybe you came online completely green to this whole marketing thing and your primary focus was to begin generating your first leads and start building your list.  After all, the money’s in the list, right? Then you got a lead and were beside yourself with joy and excitement, followed […]