Online Marketing For Beginner Networkers

If you recently started a home business and turned to the internet to try and generate leads and grow your business, but you’re not sure how to go about it, I think you will find this post helpful.

Very often, beginner network or online marketers make the common mistake of starting a social media account and then proceed to post their links everywhere in the hopes of attracting prospects. They also direct message every new follower asking them to take a look at their product or opportunity. Not good. This is called Spamming.

If you are sending an unsolicited link to someone’s inbox, that’s spam and it can get your account shut down if people complain. Not only that, but you are actually hurting your chances of gaining a new customer or team member because you’ve just turned them off by your approach.

Have you found yourself using these methods? How’s that working for you?

Very Simply, Are You Generating Leads Using The Internet…Or No?

If you are not generating any leads, I want to help you. 

The bottom line is, if you aren’t generating leads online it may be because you were taught incorrectly in the past, left to your own devices OR you just have never been introduced to the idea of attraction marketing and how to get people reaching out to you.

Getting people to reach out to you is very exciting! It sure beats chasing people around trying to convince them to buy from you or join you.  But here’s the deal…

To get to that place where they are reaching out to you, you will need to develop certain skills. And these skills will help you to build relationships and trust. That’s when people reach out to you–when they know, like and trust you.

It takes a little time, but the pay-off is worth it, and you should certainly develop these skills.  If you are totally unfamiliar with the concept of Attraction Marketing, I highly recommend getting the Attraction Marketing Formula. This works offline and online, by the way. It’s a tiny investment that will save you a ton of time and headaches when it comes to understanding how to attract the RIGHT people who WANT to work with you.  If you want to check out what the e-book teaches, you can sign up for my free 10-day email bootcamp that breaks down 10 important lessons from the book for you.  It will give you a good taste of what to expect from the e-book. 

If you want to learn how to build your business almost completely online, Julie Burke, a multiple six-figure earner in network marketing, has a Free Social Media Recruiting Frenzy Guide full of exact scripts, example posts, plus some dos and don’ts around Facebook, so you can immediately be more effective with your sponsoring and recruiting on the Internet.  Click this link to get immediate access to her free guide. It’s awesome. 

Now, that said…

I’m going to tell you something that you might not hear from others (well, actually Julie Burke will tell you this too).  The truth is, that this is NOT an instant process. And if you got into your home business because you need some leads and income NOW, then you are going to need to work your business in a traditional way offline WHILE you build these relationships and trust online.

People Get Discouraged When They Believe The Myth of "Instant Success" Online.

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You Do What You Have To Do With Where You Are

One of the reasons people get discouraged online is because they believe the myth that everything online happens instantaneously.  It doesn’t. There is no magic button. (I know, I’m such a kill-joy.)

Let me go further. You’re not going to sit poolside in Cancun with your laptop tomorrow, drinking Margaritas while watching your bank account grow by the minute because you bought an Online Recruiting course today. (Oh come on, Sandra, cut it out already!)  

Unfortunately the advent of the internet has made us all kind of lazy. We want everything now and we want it without having to do much but hit a few keys on our computers for a couple of hours a day.

If you really want to grow your business quickly, then you will need to learn to build your business using face-to-face skills and strategies as well. I wrote a post on using a great face-to-face strategy. It’s called How To Do Cold Market Prospecting Using F.O.R.M.  You can read it here–I know you’ll find it helpful. 

My point in writing this post is that you can’t sit on your hands waiting for leads to come in simply because you’re on the internet, and I’ve given you some resources to help you make it happen.  

Do you know anyone that should stop waiting for leads? Please share this with them.

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