How To Shrink Your “But” With The Excuse-Free Diet

Are you tired from carrying around the excess weight of all your unreached dreams, goals and potential? You know, the things you think about and say, “If only…”, “I could’ve”, “I should’ve”, “I would’ve”?

If you were to look closely at them, you would most likely find one word in the midst of every unreached goal or un-started project:


We can always find a reason not to pursue our dreams, not to take action; and our reasons will sound, well, perfectly reasonable. The truth is, your “reasons” probably aren’t reasons at all.  They are just excuses.  And…

A Reason Is Not The Same As An Excuse

 Isn’t it amazing how we can talk ourselves out of almost anything that has the potential of exposing our fears, our perceived weaknesses, or pushing us out of our predictable little comfort zones?  Many of us are experts at creating excuses for ourselves. Most of us interchange Reasons for Excuses…and they are not the same.

Reasons are true and factual. They are logical, verifiable, consistent and often unavoidable.  

Example:  Your reason for eating is that your body needs sustenance and nutrition.

Excuses are false and unverifiable.  They are illogical, inconsistent and avoidable. They’re often just a “feeling” or a “blaming”. 

Example:  Your excuse for over-eating is that you were served too much food on your plate. 

"Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure." ~ Don Wilder

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What Do Excuses Look Like?

Now that we know the difference between a reason and an excuse, let’s take a look at what some of your excuses might look like:

  1. I’d like to start my own business BUT I don’t have the time for it.
  2. I would like to join that business opportunity BUT I don’t have the money. (a reason if you truly don’t have the money; an excuse if you over-spend on indulgences)
  3. I’m going to start taking better care of myself BUT my life is too busy right now.
  4. I’m going to start walking in the mornings BUT it’s still too cold out…maybe in the Spring.
  5. I’m going to write a new blogpost BUT it’s late. Maybe tomorrow.
  6. I would be more successful BUT my upline doesn’t support me enough.
  7. I’m sure that works for others BUT I’m not smart enough, young enough, old enough, ______ enough.

Get the picture?              

"The one common denominator in every mess you find yourself in is you." ~ Bob Wall

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Here’s the Excuse-Free Diet to shrink your BUT

  • Recognize your excuses. As with any bad habit, the first step to dealing with the problem is to recognize and acknowledge it. It’s not going to go away by itself, so look your excuses in the eye, so to speak. In a food diet, the first step is to recognize you’re overweight, right?
  • Be honest with yourself. Making up excuses is basically just lying. As we discussed above, excuses are not the same as reasons.
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others. Only compare yourself to to your “best self”. No other comparisons are necessary. 
  • Stop focusing on your current circumstances, and start focusing on where you want to be.
  • Never use the word “never”. Haha! Okay, let me rephrase that.  Stop saying, “I could never do that” when it comes to taking positive steps toward the change you want to see. You will believe what you tell yourself. 
  • Believe you can, then ACT upon it. Your belief will only work for you if you implement the “I can” action.
  • Accept Full Responsibility for Failures and Mistakes. Excuses are often made because we simply don’t want to take responsibility for our shortcomings. When we take full responsibility for all failures and mistakes we no longer build upon luck or good fortune, but rather on our ability to successfully adapt to changing conditions and obstacles.

Did this help? Can you think of any other steps to add to your “diet”? Comment below; I’d love to hear from you…and be sure to share this on your social media. Thank you much!  Until next time…

~ Sandra

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