How To Know If You Are Treating Your Home Business With Respect

I received an interesting email from a Christian entrepreneur recently. His message challenged my thinking and unearthed a mindset issue that I didn’t realize I was still dealing with…even after being out of the workforce for several years.

Basically the question was, Are you treating your business with respect…and whose business is it?

Two Different Worlds

Many budding entrepreneurs find themselves in the situation where they have their feet firmly planted in two different worlds:

  1.  The Employee World – where they are working in someone else’s business (that is still mostly paying the bills)
  2.  The Entrepreneur World – where they are working part-time in their own business

You may or may not love the role you play in both companies.  I know many people who have their own side business that they love, yet they still very much enjoy working in someone else’s company.  

Love them both or love one, hate the other; you will find that you probably approach them with two totally different mindsets.

This mindset challenge that we’re visiting today springs out of this situation…and it’s a sneaky little sucker.  You may not even recognize it at first.  In fact, it may be secretly lurking in the shadows of your mind…and if it is, we’re about to root it out!

The Problems

The author was stating how, as a God-centered entrepreneur, he found that when it came to the service-based, full-time company that predominately paid the bills, he had no problem pursuing growth, numbers and sales. It was his responsibility as an employee.

Yet when it came to his own personal business (also service-based), he had an internal struggle with pursuing growth, numbers and sales.  He consistently battled an internal whisper that said, “You’re only in it for the money.” or “Be careful not to pursue success or you’ll end up being materialistic.”

When he spoke with other faith-based business owners or God-centered entrepreneurs, he found that many of them had the very same struggle.  And it was very negatively affecting their businesses. 

Here is another insidious whisper that causes problems…

“This is YOUR business, so you can be as flexible and work as little as you like.”

When we work in someone else’s business, there is someone measuring our progress. There’s someone to answer to, so you’d better not spend too much time at the water cooler or be organizing your desk every other day. 

When we work our own business, sometimes we buy into the “work whenever you want” mentality too wholeheartedly. Every distraction gets thrown into the “Well that’s what’s great about having my own business” and that’s why we often don’t have anything to show for it.

And we struggle.

How To End The Struggle

Here is an honest question you can ask yourself that will bring clarity and help you break free of that struggle…

If you had been hired to run a business similar to yours as the CEO rather than starting your own business, would you run it differently than what you are presently doing?

Would you be more intentional about how you spend your time? Would you think differently about what it looks like to be successful? How about this–would you be less timid about charging “too much” for a product or offering?

If you answered “yes” then I have some surprising news for you:  You ARE the CEO that’s been hired. 

Me, Me, Mine, Mine

As Christians in business, this is what can happen when we take hold of a vision that God has placed in our hearts and we make it ours alone.  We might begin to look at the vision as something God drops off to us and then walks away, uninterested in the day-to-day aspects of working it.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Although He’s given us our dreams and callings, God doesn’t want to delegate and leave us to our own devices. Instead he wants to be intricately involved in our day-to-day growth and personal development, giving us guidance, direction and accountability… trusting us to be good stewards of what He’s given us. 

I’ll end by quoting PJ Simmons from the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur:

“So whose business is this?  This is God’s business…and you’re the CEO.  Steward well.”

Did this help you? Have you struggled in these areas at all? I’d love to read your comments, so be sure to leave me one.  And please be sure to share this on your social media accounts–I’d appreciate that! 

Sandra Rodriguez

Homeschooling MOMPRENEUR sharing business tips for stay home (and want-to-be stay home) moms & dads as well as newbie marketers. I Love Jesus, my family, life, laughing, coffee and the occasional glass of wine. Come learn and hang out with me!

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