How To Go From Mediocre to Exceptional With One Simple Shift In Thinking

A while back, I had the privilege of hosting a Daily Dose Of Awesome call with the wonderful Kate McShea, and she spoke about how making a simple shift in your thinking can dramatically change everything.  And Kate should know.  She and her husband, Andrew, went from making zero in their online business to 6 figures in 18 months.  I would say her advice here is gold.

Kate shared her story of the day she realized how if she didn’t change her thinking, her life and circumstances were not going to change.

The thing that separates the good or mediocre from the great and exceptional, is that the leaders who have gone on to be exceptional in their niche learned to shift their mindset from the obligation perspective to one that sees the opportunity before them.

What is the difference between approaching your day and your work from an Obligation mindset vs. an Opportunity mindset?  Does it really make a difference?

Let’s take a look at both mindsets and how they affect us.

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The Obligation Mindset

Obligation is a mindset born of necessity.

An obligation mindset is when you are looking at your work as something that you are forced to do. Something that you have to do, not because you see the value in it, but because it’s just a necessary evil to get from point A to point B.

When you produce out of obligation, you may look back on your day and see that you didn’t get much done or that you didn’t put in the effort that you know you have within you.

This kind of perspective in your work can have a real damaging and dampening effect on your business because you begin to treat it like a job.   I mean, isn’t that what you did when you worked for someone else?

“Sorry, I can’t meet you for lunch today because I have to be at work in an hour.”

“I have to get a second job in order to pay my bills.”

“I have to write a blogpost today because it’s Monday.”

The obligation mindset is pure drudgery.  When we have this mentality, our days are not met with excitement and expectation. We often do just enough to get by because our thinking is set to what we feel forced to do–and when we are forced to do something, there’s no joy in it.

And very often even if we are productive and get a lot done, we will feel drained and exhausted because it’s coming from a negative motivation with built-in resistance from the get-go.

The Opportunity Mindset

This mental perspective is born of vision.

When you have an opportunity mindset, the tasks don’t change–only the way you look at them.

You look at your “To Do List” and your decisions as an opportunity for change.  You motivation comes from your vision of the outcome and the possibilities that lay before you as the result of your hard work. No one is forcing you to change or to act upon your decisions.

When you look at the tasks before you as an opportunity to break the dead-end cycle you’ve been in; or you look at writing that email or making that phone call as an opportunity to significantly impact someone else’s life and business, then you will do it with a sense of purpose and energy that was non-existent before.

Your thoughts will be more like “I have an opportunity to create a legacy for my children today,” or “I have an opportunity to make more money today…or to impact someone’s life for the better.” When you make this mental shift you will gladly do whatever it takes–get up early and go to bed late because you know you’re making a difference and impacting the lives of those you love…and those you don’t even know yet.  It’s a positive motivation that invigorates rather than drains!

Do Self-checks often

You will always be presented with a choice in how to look at your situations, and only you can make that choice for yourself.  But even once you’ve made that shift in your perspective, it’s easy to slip back and start working from that obligation mindset again.  So be sure to do self-checks often.  Think about what you’re thinking about.

When you start feeling like you’re not at one hundred percent or you start slipping into that drudgery cycle, make the decision to see the opportunities before you rather than the problems and the doldrums.  Every moment is a chance to start again!

Are you thinking about what you HAVE to do?  Are your actions and work coming from your need to provide or are they coming from your vision of what your life can be?  

Keep your vision and your goals before you to fuel you. Without them, you will slip back to where you’ve been rather than where you need to go.

Did This Help You?

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