How To Get Your Business From HERE To THERE.

When paper maps were useful…

When I was growing up, our family vacations were usually in the form of road trips.  I remember seeing my father, being the planner that he was, sitting at the table with the road atlas mapping out the trip so he would know ahead of time which would be the best route to take. One day he asked me to bring him the road atlas, and to make sure it was the most recent one.

Why? Last year’s map, this year’s map–what’s the difference, Florida hasn’t moved.

He explained how the most recent edition would include road closures, detours, construction, and any new changes since the previous edition. The old one would still get us there, but the updated atlas would help us get there with fewer surprises, detours, expense, and aggravation.

Paper map vs. GPS

Nowadays, road atlases and paper maps seem almost obsolete.  Why carry around a cumbersome atlas or pull over and start unfolding a huge map when we have the technology to put our destination into our GPS or phone app and let it take us there? These apps will even show us, to the minute, where traffic is heavy or when there has been an accident.

Paper maps may get us there, but they are outdated and inefficient, and if we rely on them only, we are not getting the most of what is available to us today.

Marketing Techniques – Traditional vs. Attraction Marketing

How are you running your home or MLM business?  Are you still going about the old way with your “paper map” – passing out business cards, making cold calls, planning home or hotel meetings and hoping that whoever you invited shows up?

I’m not saying this won’t work at all. There is a place for traditional prospecting and marketing, but you need to look beyond your 20 mile radius. If you’re relying solely on those traditional methods, you’re not getting the most of what is available to you.

It’s time to move up and on because if you don’t, any rep or downline you have recruited thus far will eventually get discouraged and quit, or look for someone who can lead and help them build their business in today’s market.

The internet is the arena in which to build and grow your business now. But the internet is a big place, and it can be pretty scary.  Overwhelming.  And building here requires a whole new set of skills and strategies.

Did you know that 95% of those who start a home business will fail…and the primary reason for the failure is that they didn’t acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive market place?

Well, what are those necessary skills and strategies? Where do I start?

I had those same questions.

I had good business-running skills; I had great people skills; I had an awesome work ethic, so I thought I should have been able to get into my MLM opportunity and just crush it.  But it didn’t happen that way and I got discouraged.

So then, I started looking into the online world.  But it scared me a little.  Okay, a lot!  Ugh, so much to learn and where to start?

Then I found this free 10-day online recruiting course, available right here.

It’s not a magic pill.  No get-rich-quick schemes or tactics.  Just good solid advice and strategies:

If you get value from the free course, get your hands on the full e-book, Attraction Marketing Formula and read it.  Take a bite, chew, swallow, repeat.  It’s an easy read, filled with Ah-ha! moments.  You’ll start saying to yourself, “I can do this!”

This ebook changed everything for me.  It became my online business GPS and it’s guided me through all the congested intersections filled with bright blinking lights, shouting peddlers, and confusing signs.

It’s not the end-all course or everything you’ll ever need to know, but I can promise you, it’s the best  place to start.

Happy trails to you!


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