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How To Know If You Are Treating Your Home Business With Respect

I received an interesting email from a Christian entrepreneur recently. His message challenged my thinking and unearthed a mindset issue that I didn’t realize I was still dealing with…even after being out of the workforce for several years. Basically the question was, Are you treating your business with respect…and whose business is it?Two Different WorldsMany budding […]

Three Surefire Ways To Sabotage Your Success

You’ve made a decision to start a new business or make a new change in your life. You start out with great excitement, motivation and a sense of determination.  But then you unwittingly implement one of these surefire ways to sabotage your own success.1.  Become a Professional StudentYears ago, I knew a woman who was one […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing

So you’ve decided to promote your existing business on the internet or start a new online business.  Just like any industry, the online marketing world has it’s own unfamiliar jargon, terms and buzzwords that may have you scratching your head wondering what they mean.  One of those terms that comes up often is “content marketing”. But […]