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Build A Powerful Brand in 10 Simple Steps

Guest Post by Julie Burke Watch the video below to discover my top 10 branding tips, which took me from zero to 5-figure months in less than 60 days… When you’re first starting your business, it can feel intimidating to think about branding yourself. It can seem overwhelming and scary… And you might ask how […]

Is It Ok to “Steal” Someone Else’s Downline?

Now before you answer this question and jump into the “NO” camp… It’s not what you’re thinking… I’d like you to view the ethics for this question from a different perspective and you may be surprised by your own conclusion! You see a couple weeks ago, I received some complaints from leaders in the network […]

What is an Avatar and Why Do You Need One?

In marketing what exactly is an avatar? An avatar is just another word for your target audience or your ideal client. But an avatar is even more specific than that. It’s an imaginary figure or one very particular person that represents or characterizes your target audience. It’s your imaginary “perfect lead”. It’s important to know […]

My EMP Letter to Moms…

…and Not-So-Moms   You don’t have to be a mom to read this. I just wanted to share with you a little heart to heart time. I know how hard it is to decipher which opportunities are the most legitimate and which are scams. As a stay-home/homeschooling mom, when I decided to get into business […]