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Build A Powerful Brand in 10 Simple Steps

Guest Post by Julie Burke Watch the video below to discover my top 10 branding tips, which took me from zero to 5-figure months in less than 60 days… When you’re first starting your business, it can feel intimidating to think about branding yourself. It can seem overwhelming and scary… And you might ask how […]

How To Shrink Your “But” With The Excuse-Free Diet

Are you tired from carrying around the excess weight of all your unreached dreams, goals and potential? You know, the things you think about and say, “If only…”, “I could’ve”, “I should’ve”, “I would’ve”? If you were to look closely at them, you would most likely find one word in the midst of every unreached goal […]

Faith It Till You Make It

It all begins with our belief system. If you believe it can be done, you’re off to a great start.  If you stop believing or don’t believe to begin with, it’s over before you’ve begun. Believe. Then act upon those beliefs and commit to the process.    

The 15 Minute Time Mastery Method

A big challenge for many folks in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing space is being able to effectively manage their time. A great majority of people that get into this profession already have a full-time job, so trying to make their new business work within the time left over after work and between spending […]

Online Marketing For Beginner Networkers

If you recently started a home business and turned to the internet to try and generate leads and grow your business, but you’re not sure how to go about it, I think you will find this post helpful. Very often, beginner network or online marketers make the common mistake of starting a social media account […]

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